Types of Call to Actions to be used in Website

Written by Abhishek Tomar

Call to action (CTA) is a button on a website or on the landing page that is used to tell the user to take some specified action and guide the user to your specified goal conversion. A call to action is commonly written as a command, like sign up or login. Generally, website development companies use it as a form of a button or hyperlink on the e-commerce websites. CTA is an essential part of the landing page that the user needs to click to take action as you want them to take. You can define the size and style of CTA buttons according to the website style and your purpose. Some typical examples of call to Action buttons are:

  • Add to cart buttons
  • Free trial sign up buttons
  • Download buttons

Why is CTA important?

It is the key element on a web page, and it acts as a signpost and guides the visitor to what to do next. Without a clearly defined CTA, the user will not be able to complete the task, like if a user wants to purchase a product or sign up for a newsletter and is likely to leave the site without completing their work.

Types of CTA’s used in website

Lead generation

Call to actions is important to generate a lead from the website. As you are trying to turn the visitors into leads via CTAs, you should place the CTAs on the website where most of the users visit. Like you can place CTAs on the blogs, at the end of the post, in the sidebar, or you can even post it on the floating banner.

Form submission

Before visiting your site, a website offers a form to register for the site. You need to fill the form and then click on a button to submit the registration form. You should make the submit button more actionable and engaging, as the visitors are sharing their information.

Read more button

In any place of the website, if you display content related to a blog post, customer case study page, or content related to services on a home page. You probably don’t want to post the entire content, instead of that, increase the curiosity of visitor, and post a single paragraph with reading more buttons.

Product or service discovery, social sharing, lead nurturing, closing the sale, and more are also the type of CTAs for a website.

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