Uses and harmful effects of Alcohol: Boon or Curse

Uses and harmful effects of Alcohol Boon or Curse
Written by Abhishek Tomar

Alcohol has been a curse for most of the people in the world. When someone talks or thinks about alcohol then only one word comes in his/her mind that is a drink which is harmful for people.

Although, there are many harmful effects of alcohol on people’s health but alcohol is very useful liquid in the technical and scientific world. Some of the uses are listed below.

Uses of Alcohol

Alcohol is mostly used as a drink but there are many uses of alcohol which can be a boon to human life.

Use of Alcohol as a fuel

As you all know that alcohol is made by the sugarcane juice or any other fruit juice. Sugarcane plants are one of the most efficient converters of sunlight into chemical energy.

These plants make sugarcane juice with the help of sunlight, other natural elements and convert it into chemical energy content sugarcane juice. After sugarcane juice is obtained, this is fermented to give alcohol.

We can use this alcohol as an addictive in petrol in the vehicles by mixing 10% of alcohol in 90% of petrol. After adding it to the petrol, alcohol acts like a fuel and it does not cause much pollution.

Some countries use this alcohol by mixing it in petrol and use it as a fuel which gives rise to only carbon dioxide and water on burning in sufficient air (oxygen). The fuel of alcohol is known as power alcohol.

Use of Alcohol in making esters

Esters are sweet-smelling substances which are used in making perfumes and as flavouring agents. Esters have a sweet fruity smell which is made by the process of Esterification.

Esterification is a process of making esters by reacting Ethyl alcohol and Acetic acid which gives sweet smell when the ester is formed.

How to make Esters?
  1. Take small amount of absolute ethyl alcohol (a compound of alcohol) and pure acetic acid in a dry test tube.
  2. Add a few drops of concentrated sulphuric acid in the same test tube and take a beaker which is half filled with water.
  3. Keep test tube in beaker and then heat the beaker on the burner.
  4. After 5-10 minutes a sweet fruity smell will be detected due to the formation of an ester.

Use of alcohol in the following ways

  • It is also used in paints, soaps and synthetic fiber.
  • It is use as a reagent in laboratories.
  • It is used in syrups for curing cough, cold etc.
  • It is also used as antiseptic to sterlize wounds.

So, alcohol is a very useful compound which can be a boon to human life. There are many more uses of alcohol which we have not listed in this post. Many experiments with alcohol are going on to learn more about it and make proper use of it.

But it can also be a curse to humans because many lives, families, etc have been destroyed because of the alcohol.

Harmful Effects of alcohol

Ethyl alcohol (a compound of alcohol) is an antioxidant, when consumed or drunk by a person harms the health of the person. If the person drinks alcohol regularly even in small quantity, he becomes addict to it and it can even lead to death.

Heavy drinking of alcohol by any person over a long period of time can damage the stomach, hear, liver etc. of the person.

Drinking of alcohol containing methyl alcohol causes to poisoning leading to blindness.

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When a person drinks alcohol regularly, he loses all senses and it slows down the activity of nervous system and the brain.

So, a person driving the car in the influence of alcohol cannot judge the situation and in this way accidents take place.

There are many more effects of alcohol on the person consuming it which can lead to death. So, it is a curse for the humans. But it can also be a boon when people stop drinking alcohol.

We hereby, request all the people who consume alcohol to stop drinking it and take care of their life and family.

Do share this post so that it can spread a message to stop drinking alcohol.

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