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Unknown Tips to Earn by Event Blogging

Unknown Tips to Earn by Event Blogging
Written by Abhishek Tomar

Bloggers, content writers and freelancers know various ways to earn online. But there is a new way by which you can earn thousands of dollars by event blogging.

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Before starting let me tell you what is event blogging?

Event blogging is the type of blogging in which blogger makes an event blog (the blog in which any event like Holi, Christmas is targeted) and receives millions of views in his blog on any event.

To know how to make and earn with event blog you can check our post on it on Techimos.

Today, in this post I will tell you the unknown tips to Earn by Event Blogging. You can make thousands of dollars by following these tips.

Unknown Tips to Earn by Event Blogging

  • Make your event blog at least 8 months – 12 months before any event.
  • Make as much backlinks as you can.
  • Try to index your post before the event; it will be automatically ranked on event day.
  • Try to target low competition events like Amabasyaa, religional and regional festivals.
  • Make high quality backlinks.
  • Make both dofollow and nofollow backlinks; you can make nofollow backlinks by commenting on blogs.
  • Also, try to rank your images on Google; it will help you a lot in receiving traffic on your blog.
  • Mainly use Google Adsense and affiliate marketing to earn more bye event blogging.
  • Keep your event blog a secret so that no one can target your blog as a competitor.
  • Analyse the backlinks of the event blogs which were ranked on last event.
  • Do not spam on social sites.
  • Share your event blog only before 1 month of any event.
  • Try to make backlinks from sites like quora, etc.
  • Buy a good hosting so that your blog doesn’t go down.
  • I suggest you to buy one of these hosting – Bluehost, HostKarle, Hostgator.
  • Hosting matters a lot in ranking of your blog.
  • Try to speed up your blog speed by buying a good hosting and by plugins like WP Rocket.

So, these were the unknown secrets or the tips to earn by event blogging which you would not know earlier. These tips will have you a lot in ranking event blogs and earn a lot of money from them.

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