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Steps to stop a user’s Whatsapp information from being shared with Facebook

WhatsApp in a short span of time will begin to share the app user’s data on Facebook.This is related to the concept of advertisements where Facebook will begin to post advertisements related to the content from WhatsApp.


In the event that the users are not happy with the social networking giant making use of their data from WhatsApp, they can tweak the settings to circumvent this process in the latter. Below detailed are steps related to that.


Not complying with WhatsApp’s  updated norms and terms related to service


The users are notified by WhatsApp with respect to the modifications of its guidelines. This is notable when the app is availed and the corresponding page is chosen, where the users have to tap with respect to the agreement of the standards. In this event, the user has to tap read and uncheck the option related to sharing WhatsApp data with Facebook.


There is also an alternative to this data sharing in case the user has tapped on Agree without scrutinizing the details.



In the case of iPhone, the user has to access Settings and then Account. Then the user has to uncheck the option Share my Account Info. This procedure is more or less the same for Android users as well where they have to click on the three dots icon situated on the top-right side of the screen and do the same procedures as stated for iPhone.


Thus WhatsApp is no longer authorized to sharing information of the user with Facebook. Provided the scenario where the users have failed to notice the agreement terms has occurred or the aforementioned steps cannot be followed, it signifies that these attributes are yet to be incorporated in the device. They will be displayed soon enough and the above-mentioned steps can be followed to disable the feature.


However, when the data connection process is not disabled, then the App can link the user with organizations in the future and identify companions on the app in a very simple process.

There should be no concern regarding security due to the robust nature of WhatsApp’s encryption and consequently, Facebook will not request the data from the users related to texts, images, and taped data.


A suggested path taken up by WhatsApp would be to implement a paid membership instead of imparting the user’s data with other companies and the such. In the event that it is not well suited for clients who are not interested in promotions.

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