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Smartphones world leaders use

In the early 2000s, the business people and world leaders only used Blackberry phones. As awful as that sounds, Blackberry used to be world leader of phones. In fact Barack Obama still uses it. However with the passing of time and evolutions of smartphones, different politicians have different choices now.

According to security experts politicians and leaders only chose smartphones that they believe are secure and cannot be hacked (we’re looking at you Android) – which in my opinion is every phone these days.

Blackberry is the most secure phone ever and its built-in email system is still unparalleled. However times are changing.

Here are some world leaders and their smartphone choices;

Angela Merkel

In 2015, Angela Merkel’s phone become a controversial object when it was revealed that NSA was monitoring the German premier’s calls. The phone she was using was Nokia 6260. But the jokes’ on NSA since it was releaved that Merkel’s Nokia phone was only used for party affairs, for national affairs she used a BlackBerry Z10.

It is interesting to note that BB was setup with encryption hardware by the famous company Secusmart. The company claims that their chip is impregnable – since NSA kept monitoring the wrong phone, they are probably right.

Donald Trump

The New York Times published an article citing that Donald Trump still uses his “old, unsecured Android phone, to the protests of some of his aides,” – of course he does.

It was reported earlier that Donald Trump now uses a 100% secure unknown smartphone that secret service have setup for him. These rumors were quickly quashed when President Trump has been seen using a Samsung Galaxy. And it isn’t a new GS6 model either, it is a considerable old Samsung Galaxy GS3.

Wow Donald everything you do is quite novel.

Nawaz Sharif

A country that is crazed by smartphones and mobile numbers are sold at premium rates, it is no surprise that Pakistan’s elite uses high-end smartphones. Nawaz Sharif the country third time Prime Minister has been seen using iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy.

However reports have suggested that his security officers another member have those phones while the Prime Minister uses a good old Blackberry Bold.

It is said that Nawaz Sharif is not a very “hi-tech” person and doesn’t operate Twitter account or any other social media platform.

Vladimir Putin

This is a unique entry from all sorts – as you’d expect from Vladimir Putin. The Russian president is famous for not having a mobile phone. So, smartphones world leaders use, Putin: none.

Putin says he prefers other methods of communication. He has also remarked that “If I had a cellphone, it would ring all the time”. It is also said that Putin doesn’t use internet a lot, probably due to security concerns. Putin’s office shows a line of old fashioned telephones.

However the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is known to be a big Apple lover. He used to own a 2004 iPhone 4. Steve Jobs gave him the phone himself in Silicon Valley in 2007.

North Korea

North Korea is a controversial country, perhaps the most mysterious place in the world. There is very little known to us about the country and people living there. However various photograph have shown Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un using HTC.

It is in interesting choice since many Koreans are encouraged to use North Korea’s “own” smartphones. The country brands the phone as its own but they are all manufactured in China.

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