How life Came on Earth? –Prove it at home by a model

how life came on earth
Written by Abhishek Tomar

‘Origin of Life on Earth’ is a very easy sentence but it is very complicated o understand the origin of life. Many scientists tried to find the way by which life came on our Earth.

We have many questions in our mind like why life came only on Earth? , How humans were made? , How plants and animals were came on Earth? You can get these answers on TECHIMOS.

Many scientists tried to prove it but they were not able to do it. One scientist named J.B.S. Haldane was able to prove it.

Origin of Life on Earth by Haldane

Haldane suggested that the life must have developed from the inorganic molecules such as ammonia, methane, ethane etc which already were present on earth after the formation of Earth.

Then some scientists proved it by making a model or apparatus to create an early earth atmosphere on which situations were different then today. The apparatus consisted of gases like methane, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide etc. Temperature was kept just below 100 degree Celsius in the apparatus.

Electric sparks were also passed through the apparatus and it was kept working for 15-20 days.

After 15-20 days it was seen that the molecules of ammonia were converted into amino acids and similarly many other molecules were converted to complex form. Haldane also suggested from it that life originated in the sea water.

roots of a tree
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This proved that the life originated from inorganic molecules. If this apparatus would keep on running for 1 year or 10 years then we will be able to see micro living organisms in it.

So, we can also make a same apparatus at our home, learn and prove the way in which the life was originated on earth.

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