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How education is going to change in 2020

The way everything is changing in the world, our education is affecting it with too. All the post-2000 changes are showing a lot of promise, and since the introduction of blended learning, things are changing more rapidly than ever. From the schools and colleges of developed countries to the academic institutions of the developing countries, everyone is witnessing the change in overall quality and norms of education. That is what got my attention and being a philanthropist and professional writer; I decided to write a piece of article on the changes that we are going to see in 2020 in our educational sector after consulting with the most innovative companies in education.

A remote interaction between the Students:

Minus the changes like the chalkboard to projectors and slides, written lectures to recordings of the lectures, we are still using the same classes as we were using 30 years back. By comparing, both will look identical. That is what is going to change completely in the next few years. The walls of the classrooms will not stop the students to interact with the other students no matter in which part of the world he lives. The students will start reaching out beyond the school building to other students, teachers and other education related people to enhance their learning. By getting the education with that method, the students of this generation will enhance this remote interaction between the students by making their own digital classrooms and creating the communities of learning online.

Teachers will still be needed despite having the technology:

You would be sending your kids to school in the self-driving cars, but the teachers will still teach them not by the robots or any AI based system. Education is changing due to the technology, and it will keep changing in the future, but that will not affect the role of the teachers in our lives. All the innovative devices and software will still need to be taught by the skilled teachers so students can use them to enhance their learning. They will play their role in introducing the technology to young students so they can achieve the quality education using the top-notch technology.

More Diploma Holders:

The cost of getting a degree from the reputable college is not affordable for everyone neither the amount of effort which is required to pass out four years of the degree program is easy for everyone that is why this hardship is making students buy assignment rather than writing it. These two and more are the reasons why we are getting more diploma holder students instead of the degree holders. In the year 2020, we can see a drastic increase in the diplomas due to excessive use of technology in the education which will make it more expensive to get.

Students will be treated as customers:

You are paying someone to get their services, and they are still treating you like nothing. I am not referring to taking the services of any electrician or cab service; I am talking about taking the services of schools and colleges where you pay a hefty amount to take their teaching services still they treat their customers (students) like they don’t have any say in it. However, the way our overall education system is involving, and it is making the students independent in taking choices, we can see that the schools and colleges could start taking the say of the students in their policies. The students could get respect and the importance which they should get because they are the ones who are paying in the next few years. The reason of that is simple. The students are going to get different choices to get the degree and education. There will be more quality online colleges with the reputable degrees which will make the institutions of brick and mortar to start respecting the students and taking their say in the policies of the schools and colleges.

The rise of Online Courses:

This and the generation of schools are getting fed up by attending the classes every morning. They will start getting an education through online courses and colleges because of the benefits that it gives. The generation of 2020 will be much faster than us and would like to live a quick pace live, and for such people, online education is the ideal option. There are many reasons why online education is ideal for them. They can take the classes at their preferable time and will not be judged by anyone. They will set their learning pace, and no one would be there to keep an eye on 24/7.

Author Bio:

Irene Prater is a Master in Literature from Tufts University and working as the full-time blogger in some of the most reputable blogging websites. His niche is education, and he is considered to be the best in it.

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