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Earn Money on New Year of 2017 by Event Blogging

earn money on new year by event blogging
Written by Abhishek Tomar

Every blogger, YouTuber or affiliate marketer wants to make more and more money on the festival eves. Many famous eve are going to come, and on those festive days, you can make more money easily and quickly.

So, today I will tell you the method to earn money on new year 2017 by event blogging. You can easily earn more money in 2017 by just making a blog on the event based niche. Before proceeding, I will tell you the basics of event blogging and event based niche.

What is Event Blogging?

Event Bogging is one of the categories of blogging. This type of blogging is done on the event based niche. In simple words, we can say that a blogging of blog which is managed by someone to target a single or few special days. This is done for making the huge amount of revenue on festive days.

Example – New Year, Black Friday deals, etc.

Let’s take a situation for better understanding.

Suppose today is Christmas, what will you do?

You will just search some of the keywords like the sale on Christmas, deals on Christmas; Happy Christmas Day wishes, etc. on Google, then you will open any shopping site and purchase any item, or you will open any blog for Christmas Day quotes.

In this way, event blogging works and bloggers generate revenue. You can also earn more money on events by just making a blog on event based niche and ranking it by long-tail keywords and by SEO optimizing it.

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How to Earn Money on New Year by Event Blogging

So, now I will tell you the method to earn more money in the new year by event blogging. For doing the event blogging read this guide and follow the step.

You will have to make a blog on the event based niche for earning by event blogging in the new year. So for making a blog, you will have to take care of these points.

Buy a domain name on event based keyword and a good hosting

First, Buy a domain name of your event based keyword like After buying a domain, now buy a cheap and good hosting from Bluehost. Now, make a blog on WordPress or Blogspot.

I advise you to use WordPress because it enables you to add unlimited of unique features in your site.

Add some unique content to your blog to increase SERP

Now, after buying a domain and a good and fast hosting your main mission will be to add some unique content to the blog on the topic related to the event and to increase the SERP of the blog by using long tail keywords.

Note, You should start making the event blog before 2-3 months of the event or festival or any famous day. But if you properly and successfully made the blog then it would generate a huge amount of revenue in only a few days.

Add some ads on your blog

Now, after adding some unique content to blog apply for ad networks like Adsense, to monetize your blog. If you want to know more ad networks to monetize your blog follow this link.
After your approval request is confirmed, then add some ads to your site to earn more money on festival days.

Also, add some affiliate banners and links on your blog

After successfully adding ads to your blog, now its the time to add the affiliate marketing links, banners, and the products to your blog. This is the main method to earn more on new year by event blogging.
Read More:

Best place to add affiliate banners and links

  • Add a banner in the header of your blog.
  • Add 2-3 banner in your blog post.
  • Add a widget.
  • Add affiliate links to your blog.

The affiliate link which you added will generate the maximum revenue in the festive days. You will get some percent of the commission of a product sold. You can also make more money by reading the secrets of affiliate marketing.

After adding some unique content to blog and increase the SERP of your blog, now you are completely ready for the event to come and earn money on the new year by event blogging.

Below are some tips for setting up the event based blog.

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Some Tips for Setting Up the Event-Based Blog

  • Use similar event based niche keyword in the domain which you are going to buy.
  • Daily update the blog by posting an SEO optimized post daily, related to your event based keyword.
  • Do on page optimization and off page optimization of your blog.
  • Build backlinks by commenting on blogs
  • Monetize using affiliate programs
  • Monetize your blog by best ad networks for bloggers.

Tips for monetizing your blog in a better way

  • Put ads in your blog of ad networks like AdSense; Revenue hits, etc.
  • Put affiliate banners and widget in your blog.
  • Use mobile ad networks like Ads Optimal.

 improve event blog rank by seo
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Tips for increasing the authority and SEO of your blog

  • Comment more and more on blogs but do not spam.
  • Post proper on page optimized unique content.
  • Do off-page and  on-page SEO.

After doing all this and successfully making the blog you will earn a huge amount of revenue. Your hard work will turn into success.

If you have any problem regarding this then feel free to comment.

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  • Bro If you ranking on Google’s 1st Page on Event Day then your Server will down 🙁

    So how will you earn money just buying a good hosting

    I recommended you don’t but any hosting just purchase a domain and configure it with Blogger.

    Thanks For the Post 🙂

    • Manas

      I agree with you. But, Blogspot has fewer features than WordPress. You can fully customize your site easily in WordPress than Blogspot.
      And, you can buy the VIP or Unlimited Hosting or Dedicated Server so that you servers will not go down.

      But, if you are a beginner then I suggest you to make event blog on Blogger.

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