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How to Approve and earn by UC News WE-Media?

Approve and earn by UC News WE-Media
Written by Abhishek Tomar

UC has announced the new monetization service for the bloggers or writers by which bloggers can earn more money easily.

It is UC WE-Media program which was started on 5th January 2016. In this program bloggers, writers and self publishers will be able to monetize its content by UC we-Media program.

UC Web’s We Media program, a common platform for self publishers and key opinion makers, aims to provide its users with both regular and niche content. It has already seen a great success in other countries in the year 2016 and now it is also getting success in India, Pakistan and several North East and Middle East countries.

How the UC News We-Media program works?

As we know that UC News shows the news on different categories like Technology, Health, IT, Space, etc.

So, UC News hires writers and bloggers from all over the world by its registration form and shows the content in its UC News app.

This We-Media program is CPM based. Show, you will get the money for the views generated by your content.

earn by uc news
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  • Twitter
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  • reddit

How to approve and earn by UC News We-Media program?

You can easily make money by registering to UC Web We-Media program. Register from here.

You will have to fill asked info in the form. Like- Name, Blog url, Date of Birth, etc. After filling the form, submit the form and wait for the approval of the registration.

If your form get’s approved you will be easily able to earn more money other than Ad sense. You can also know the method to make PayPal and Payoneer money by just sharing apps.

uc news we media form
  • Google+
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • reddit

Minimum Requirements for UC Web We-Media Program

  • You should have a blog
  • Your blog should be at least 1 month old
  • You blog’s content should be unique
  • Content should be amazing

Tips for approving UC Web We-Media Program

  • Publish a post daily in your blog.
  • Bring at least 500 views daily on your blog after you have submitted the form of UC Media program.
  • Do not apply by a fake id for We Media.
  • Your blog should not be down. So, buy a good hosting before applying.

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After few days you will get a mail about the UC We-Media Program that it is approved or not.

If it is approved then they will mail you the login credentials and then you will be able to publish the content in UC News app.

You can also copy your blog’s post and post it in UC News app but don’t forget to write the source in the post. Otherwise you will be banned.

I recommend you to write your own unique content and publish it in We-Media. So, in this way you can earn money by uc news app.

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