Techimos is an all in one site from which you can learn about blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, ways to make money online and much more. You can also get information about latest technology, space, etc. on Techimos. We will also update you about the latest coupon & codes, online cheapest shopping deals, unique tricks and the ways to earn money online.

We will also be adding some special tools or games to Techimos like

  1. Spin & Win – From this feature user can earn free recharge, paytm, oxygen, Amazon GV, etc. by simply spinning a wheel.
  2. Plagiarism Checker – By this, you will be able to check that your blog post or article is plagiarized or not.

Since this site is new, we will not able to update you about all the coupons & codes and deals. But it is growing rapidly and then we will hire some writers to write the blog post.

Keep visiting us for coupon & codes, online cheapest shopping deals, unique tricks, ways to earn money online,  learn about blogging, affiliate marketing, SEO, latest technology, space and much more.


About the admin of Techimos

Hey all, I Abhishek Tomar am the admin and founder of Techimos. I started blogging in the month of May in the year 2016. It was the summer holidays; I was feeling bored in the month of May because there was nothing interesting happened with me on that day. I was just browsing the web and was opening one after another site to find the latest technology news, about Space and ISRO news. I opened and read many articles about space, ISRO and much more.

So, then I decided to make a site and share my knowledge with others. But I didn’t know where to start at that time. I even didn’t know what is blogging, SEO, what is affiliate marketing?

Then, I searched on the web “How to make a site?” I read many articles and saw many videos and finally I came to a conclusion that a site can be made by the WordPress.com.

So, I made a a/c on wordpress.com and made my first blog techarge.wordpress.com. It was just for learning.

Then, I searched on the web that how can I remove the subdomain wodpress.com from the blog. Then, I read on a blog that if we want to remove subdomain from a blog, there is only one way to do it that is I will have to make a self-hosted site from wordpress.org

My first site of WordPress.org was techimos.tk with a free hosting. I was facing many problems with free hosting because it suspended my hosting a/c because of high traffic.

Then, I made a site another techimos site with a different domain, on free hosting and then I decided to buy a hosting and a .com domain, and finally, I made TECHIMOS.com.


About the co-admin of Techimos

The co-admin or say second admin of Techimos is Uttam Gupta. He is my friend and also an elder brother whom I met on the FB. He is from Gwalior, India. He is also a young blogger. He helped me a lot in Techimos.com.

We both have many future plans for TECHIMOS.

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